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The HARDI Australian product development centre works closely with 5 other global HARDI development centres to bring together the best spraying technologies for Australian farmers.

With the largest design and development engineering team working on spraying equipment HARDI is able to offer sprayers which are ideally suited for Australian spraying conditions.The HARDI dealer network of more than 300 locations Australia-wide ensures we provide quality sales, service and parts support to our customers and the know how for accurate chemical application.

All Details and Spec Sheets are available to view or download for each model.

hardi NL-NK

NL - NK is ideal for spraying small to medium farms and for horticultural applications.
300 to 1000L Booms 3 to 12m

hardi master sprayers

With a large range of features, the MASTER plus is the perfect choice for the modern farmer.
1000 to 1800L Booms 12 to 21m

hardi mercury sprayers

Mercury Tree for extensive, specialized and more modern orchards
2000 to 4000L

hardi zebra tree sprayers

Zebra Tree. A machine specially made for farms with no heavy workload
400 to 800L

hardi PU sprayers

PU Pick-Up power sprayer models are especially designed for stationary use or to be placed on a truck.
200 or 1000L
Diaphragm pump

hardi NL-NK

The UTV sprayer is specially designed for spraying where the ground is soft and risk of compaction is high.
12V electric pump

hardi cadet sprayers

The 300 litre heavy duty single axle CADET sprayer with leaf spring suspension and high flotation tyres is ideal for farmers, estate owners, turf care professionals and turf caretakers.

hardi swift sprayers

SWIFT - Ideal for spot spraying, controlling pest and disease, and applying fertilizers
100 - 300L
12V electric pump

hardi estate sprayers

The ESTATE sprayer is specially designed for spraying where the ground is soft and risk of compaction is high.
12V electric pump

hardi swift spot sprayers

SWIFT sprayer models are especially designed for use on quads and as 12-V pick-up models
50 or 75 or 100L
12V sprayers

hardi atv sprayers

Fits most ATV quad bikes and designed to provide a low centre of gravity.
50 - 75L
12V electric pump

hardi bpm sprayers

The BPM 100 is designed for spraying in market gardens, orchards, forests, vineyards and all types of plantations.
Electronic ignition

hardi back pack sprayers

With pressure up to 3 bar, HARDI backpacks are ideal for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.
15 or 20L
Piston pump

hardi compact sprayers

Handheld Compact, easy to use and built for professional pesticide application.
1.5, 6 & 8L
Spray is controlled from the trigger valve